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Easy access to it all. I joined Medium in August of 2015 and have published well over a thousand stories, articles, and poems. Instead of scrolling and searching for hours here is a convenient list of everything I have published on Medium. Thanks for reading.


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Dropping the Ball
And floating away

The Weekly Beach Dance
It’s a group thing

The Sound of Silence
And the sound of water

An Atypical Fire Drill
Kids say the weirdest things

Breaking Couch News
From the Twisted News Network

Doing Stuff
A weird…

Valentine’s Day

A both winning and losing story

Image from Pixabay

(My Valentine’s Day story from 2018, with addendum.)

A hundred years ago when I first got on the internet one of the very first things I did was enter a writing contest. A dear friend of mine had been cajoling me into getting online so that I could go to a certain website where she regularly wrote articles. She wanted me to read her articles but she also kept saying that my writing would be perfect for that site.

So I asked Santa Claus for a computer for Christmas. I had been using computers at various jobs for years but…


Are you blowing your mind?

Image by Arek Socha — (Pixabay)

Have you ever disappeared? Have you ever relocated to a place where you have never been to before and where absolutely no one knew you? And no one you have ever known before knows where you are? Have you ever just ‘up and left,’ never to return? Have you ever vanished without a trace?

Been there, done that. I have done it a few times so I know how exhilarating it can be; how liberating and revealing it can be. It can throw open doors that you may never have opened otherwise. It can provide a clean slate, a blank…

And floating away

Alexandra-a life without animals is not worth living-Pixabay

Letting go of the ball and letting it drop to the floor and bounce to a stop, Langston felt so much lighter. How could a ball filled with air weigh him down?

He never held or played with a ball again. His life changed radically. So many opportunities opened up for him and so many new perspectives revealed themselves to him; all because he let go of the ball.

The phrase, He dropped the ball, did not apply to him because it was not a negative thing. It was definitely not a mistake. It was an emancipation.

Langston noticed that…


It’s a group thing

Image by OpenClipartVectors (Pixabay)

Francesca had been trying to get her new boyfriend Chad to come with her to the weekly Beach Dance since they first got together but it was not easy.

“I don’t dance. I’m not comfortable. I don’t know how to dance. Dancing out of doors? Who are these people? Are they a bunch of hippies? I don’t have the right shoes…”

Francesca kept begging him to go and Chad starting running out of excuses. Then Chad made the mistake of inviting Francesca to go with him to a basketball game. Francesca hated basketball. …

Lovely article, Katrina.

When Rene DesCartes said, "I think therefore I am," he did a grave disservice to humankind. We spend way too much time in left-brained rational thinking.

And yes, we also spend too much time in emotional reactivity.

The big problem is that we don't know the difference between feeling and emotion. They are two very different things. Emotions are chemical and true feeling is electrical. Emotions are horizontal in nature and true feeling is vertical. Emotions originate within our bodies and true pure feeling originates from outside of us (from our Source). While there are scores of…

Self Awareness

And the sound of water

Image by Comfreak (Pixabay)

Jaspar walked in the cool night air to the meeting hall. He took a seat near the back; far from the stage. He had made a commitment to himself to come each week and listen to the speakers but he was not very excited by it. Every story seemed like just a different version of the same old story.

Each week members of the group would take the stage and talk about how they overcame their personal problems and their perceived adversaries to their problems in order to achieve some perceived notion of success.

How boring their lives would be…


And mental procrastination

Image by Jan Alexander (Pixabay)

Have you ever watched a movie that you are positive you have never seen before and then about seven-eighths of the way through the movie you suddenly realize that you have indeed seen it before?

That happened to me a few days ago. It was rather irritating. How could I watch through seven-eighths of the movie without remembering that I had seen it before? Was I quasi-comatose the first time I saw it? It was not that long ago that I saw it. Was there some sort of serious neuronal synapse failure going on in my noggin? Was Alzheimer’s rearing…


Kids say the weirdest things

Image by Alipio LLusaki (Pixabay)

The children had gone through fire drills before. They knew what to do so the evacuation of the school building went very smoothly without incident. It was as everyone got out into the school yard that panic began to set in.

Why was the sky purple? And why was there a murmuration of thousands of birds in the sky just above the school yard? And what was that rumbling sound?

The children asked but the teachers had no answers. Some of them were frantically searching for answers on their smart phones but the phones proved to be not so smart…

White Feather

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