Dropping the Ball

And floating away

White Feather


Letting go of the ball and letting it drop to the floor and bounce to a stop, Langston felt so much lighter. How could a ball filled with air weigh him down?

He never held or played with a ball again. His life changed radically. So many opportunities opened up for him and so many new perspectives revealed themselves to him; all because he let go of the ball.

The phrase, He dropped the ball, did not apply to him because it was not a negative thing. It was definitely not a mistake. It was an emancipation.

Langston noticed that balls tend to be more affected by gravity than soap bubbles. When a ball loses its air it turns into a smooshed flat thing but when a bubble gets popped it disappears into unseen worlds. He liked that.

He pondered being a bubble blown far and wide by the wind; popping before it ever touched the ground.

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Bubbles are kind of like rainbows…