White Feather
2 min readFeb 24, 2021


Lovely article, Katrina.

When Rene DesCartes said, "I think therefore I am," he did a grave disservice to humankind. We spend way too much time in left-brained rational thinking.

And yes, we also spend too much time in emotional reactivity.

The big problem is that we don't know the difference between feeling and emotion. They are two very different things. Emotions are chemical and true feeling is electrical. Emotions are horizontal in nature and true feeling is vertical. Emotions originate within our bodies and true pure feeling originates from outside of us (from our Source). While there are scores of different emotions there are only two true feelings (unconditional love and unconditional joy). Emotions are mental & physical corruptions of true feeling. Emotions are chemical reactions to mental firings in the brain (quite often involving rational thinking). True pure feeling is not a reaction but rather a response to the feeling-tone vibrations of unconditional love & unconditional joy flowing from our Source THROUGH us and out into the world. Emotions are stored in the body (for instance anger is stored in the liver) but true pure feeling is not stored in our bodies or brains. They can only be felt as they continually pass through us.

It is not a matter of killing and suppressing our emotions or staying exclusively in rational thought but rather going deep within beneath thought and emotions in order to become aware of the feeling-tone consciousness of the true pure feeling that we were created from and which is the life flowing through us and which is at the primal core of all thought and emotion. We must go BEYOND thought and feeling into true pure feeling.

Just my opinion, of course.