Whether one is embracing a sickness or fighting a sickness, one is feeding energy to that sickness. We can find a balance between embracing and fighting but we’re still feeding energy to the sickness. Finding balance is a great thing because it is through that balance that we can then step out of the polarity and re-direction our energy. By starving the sickness by not giving it any energy at all and by directing all our energy towards wellness and love and joy the sickness will not have the energy to persist and the state of wellness will blossom instead because it’s getting all the energy. It’s all about energy.

That’s what the Healer would probably say if I were to let him out of the locked room. His opinions run contrary to all social and medical convention and that’s why I keep him locked away. I tend to only let him out when I really need him.

Your article was fantabulous! I truly admire your wisdom and what you do.

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