What is Divine Intervention?

And where does it come from?

For many, the notion of divine intervention is an old bearded white male God sitting on a throne up in the heavens who points his hand down to the Earth plane to change the course of human events. When things on the planet seem especially dreadful people will pray to this God asking him to intervene and make things better.

Is this the only place where divine intervention comes from? Or is there another source?

Large groups of people praying can be very, very powerful. But can their praying be re-directed and used more efficiently?

Is divine intervention an energy outside of us? Or is it a power that each human being has? After all, we are all divine beings. We are all Gods in the making. We are all on a long, long journey of becoming aware of and stepping into our divinity. Is part of that journey learning how to use our divine abilities?

Is it up to humans to carry out divine intervention? If so, then how do we do it? How do we use divine intervention to heal the planet? How do we use it to stop war and terrorism? How do we use it to change the course of human events?

We are divine human beings. We are gods. We create our own reality. And we do this through perception. What we perceive is our reality. Divine intervention is when a divine human being perceives their reality as being perfect. When that perception is held and maintained and fed with feeling tone vibrations of love and joy, then it solidifies into our reality. The longer and deeper a perception is held, the more solid it becomes.

Divine intervention on a planetary scale is when a critical mass of humans is perceiving their realities as perfect. This will change, or intervene in, the field of possibilities created by repeated less than perfect perceptions held en masse. This is real divine intervention. It does not come out of the sky but rather from within us; from within us humans. Divine intervention is up to us humans.

And the only way to carry out divine intervention is to see the world as perfect and to hold it in that perfection. To be able to see the beauty in all things and to feel the love and joy in all things, one becomes filled to the brim with appreciation and gratefulness. This appreciation and gratefulness then feeds the perceptions of perfection and the reality we are in continues to solidify and reflect that. Then our every action becomes an act of divine intervention. With our very perceptions we can change the course of human events. With our own divine powers we can create a whole new dimension of reality. It is wholly up to us and how we choose to perceive the world.

Have you ever tried divine intervention? Anyone can do it. Small children are very adept at it. It is not tricky or technical. It merely takes a little practice.

Clear your mind of all thoughts. Empty yourself completely. Release all emotions and all mental chit-chat. Get nice and clear and empty and then see the world as perfect. See the world without conflict or disaster or struggle. See the world existing in perfect harmony. Feel all the love and joy and beauty. See and feel the world as perfect and hold it for as long as you can. Do this 3 to 22 times a day; more if you can. If you do this every single day for one lunar cycle, your reality will change, guaranteed. If enough of us do it together for a week we can affect global events.

Of course, perception is only the first step in the divine intervention process. Once we get good at maintaining positive perceptions we will find ourselves drawn to action that affirms those perceptions. Did you know that every single solitary random act of kindness, no matter how small, is an act of divine intervention? It is divine beings intervening with love in the lives of other divine beings. We have the power to answer other people’s prayers by seeing them as divine and acting upon that in whatever way we can.

Each and every one of us is a very powerful divine being. Our divine powers of perception and action are very powerful. We are learning how to use them. It is not exactly easy but we are slowly getting there. Eventually we will be able to provide the divine intervention needed to realize the paradise of a world that we dream of and pray for.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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