Waves in the Sea of Possibilities

How consciously aware are we of our actions?

Somewhere there is a drama playing out as a result of actions one took in the past. While one may be far from the ensuing drama one is connected to it thanks to the energy one put into it long ago. Somewhere a story comes together that is partially written by you even though you are not there and not even aware of the story. But our role in the creation of the story ties us to it and allows us access if we choose to connect.

Likewise, our actions today create the basis for stories to be played out whether or not we are around to witness those stories as they unfold in the future. We tend not to think of these possibilities but to become aware of the possibilities our actions create, we see a broader view of our actions and we can change our actions with this in mind. Every change of action creates a whole new field of possibilities upon which stories will be written.

Our lives are like a boat flowing through the sea of possibilities leaving a wake that flows out over the sea affecting more than we are aware of since our attention is up ahead in the boat. As our boat continues flowing through the sea, changing course over time we eventually come across the wakes we left behind and see the stories built on the energy we left behind.

As we live we create waves. These waves travel the sea of possibilities as do we. It is inevitable that we come across the results of the waves we create. Waves go out in all directions so we can come across these waves in the past, present, or future. And when we do, we come across one part of the wave while the rest of the wave spreads outward without us experiencing it directly. To experience the totality of the wave we must become the wave. To experience all of a wave can take several lifetimes and many focuses within the sea of possibilities.

Every wave eventually subsides into the sea yet each new action creates another wave. Thus we are constantly creating new stories that come to life, with or without us, somewhere in the All That Is. Being aware of our actions in this way we can imbue them with as much unconditional love as possible and thereby impact and change the world.

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