Two Different Worlds

Many people suffer from insomnia but not Kevin. He could not even imagine what insomnia must be like. For him, falling asleep was as easy as placing his head upon a pillow and closing his eyes. He would be asleep within seconds.

Falling asleep was easy. It was waking up that was difficult.

Kevin led a very boring life when he was awake. He had a very boring job that he hated which he went to each morning Monday through Friday. He had very few friends and participated in very few activities other than the dull routine of going to work, coming home then watching TV. The one thing he looked forward to each day was the end of that day when he went to sleep for the night.

Kevin led a very exciting, adventurous life when he was asleep. He rarely woke up in the middle of the night. He slept deeply and soundly. It was almost like he completely left his body and went to a different world. In this other world he had numerous friends and went from one exhilarating adventure to another to another. He woke up exhausted from all the excitement of his dreams.

When Kevin’s alarm clock went off in the morning all the lively activity came to a screeching halt. He reluctantly stepped back into his boring awake life. Sometimes he wished he could live in his dreams all the time. But he figured that he needed rest from that exciting life and that is what his awake life was for.


He felt as though his life was backwards. The awake two-thirds of his life is where all the adventure and excitement were supposed to be and the third of his life spent sleeping is where the rest should be. Kevin could not understand why his life was backwards and he had no idea what to do about it. He wondered if he had some tragic condition like insomnia — except the very opposite of insomnia.

Searching the internet, he realized that there are hundreds of millions of self-help articles about insomnia but he could not find a single article about the opposite of insomnia. He could not even find any term for the opposite of insomnia.

He knew that he did not have narcolepsy because he was rarely sleepy during the day and he had full control of when he slept. And his emotions never brought on cataplexy. He was essentially normal during the awake two-thirds of his life. It seemed like his only problem was boredom.

One morning, after getting out of bed and shutting off the alarm clock, Kevin thought about his situation while preparing his breakfast burrito. He wondered why his awake life was so different from his asleep life. In Dreamland he did not have to do anything to initiate action and excitement. It just happened. In his awake life nothing of consequence ever seemed to happen even when he tried to shake up things a bit.

Was he the same person in both worlds? Or was it only the two worlds that were different? Kevin then wondered if dying was like falling asleep and simply never waking up. If so, that didn’t seem so bad. But would he continue to dream? Was dreaming incumbent upon having a body that was alive and having an awake life? Or would he dissolve into nothingness upon death and then all the adventurous dreaming would stop?

Kevin was rather confused as he drove to work that day. He just didn’t know what to do.

When he got to work his boss immediately fired him.

And that is when the two-thirds of his life during which Kevin was awake suddenly got a lot more exciting.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction.
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