Turtle Island Questions

Going beyond the nature/technology conflict

What is to be learned from the experience of the confrontation between the white and red races and the subsequent taking over of Turtle Island by the white race?

Whenever we confront something that appears separate from us, we are actually confronting an issue within ourselves. In one-ness there is no separation, but we are not yet to a state of one-ness. We see things as separate for the sake of understanding.

We separate out into polarities so that we can act out the confrontation between our beliefs in regard to those polarities. This way we can understand those beliefs and change them if we are not happy with them. We take turns playing the roles of victor and victim. The confrontation between the red people and the white people is just a re-enactment of a polarization that has been acted out many times in many places between many seemingly different and separate beliefs systems. The same war has been fought across the globe. It is a war we can tune into any time we wish.

The confrontation — indeed all confrontation — is a confrontation within our selves regarding our own issues with separation. These issues of separation are then reflected back to us in the reality we create. So why did we create a conflict between a peaceful earth-loving people and a people intent on conquering and expanding and homogenizing, who leaned toward technology rather than mother nature? Is that the conflict humankind in general was going through at the time? So did the two opponents choose to play out the parts, the polarities, so that we could collectively learn and experience those polarities — and hopefully integrate the two seemingly opposing belief systems?

The polarity between living in harmony with nature and living through technology began eons ago when technology came into existence. Ever since, we have maintained a difficult and oft-times tenuous balance between the two. Whenever one side gets especially powerful, the other side responds in kind in a natural reaction to maintain balance. The thing is we, as humankind, wrote it into the script to use both sides of this polarity in order to evolve. To evolve through nature alone takes too long, so we use technology to speed our evolution. But we cannot evolve by technology alone, either, so we cannot forget and lose our connection to nature. Luckily, the natural balancing tendencies of our dualistic dimension helps keep us from getting too carried away with either side of the equation.

I have said it before and I will say it again; war is a lot like sex. Through the act of sex, the two partners take on the vibration patterns of each other. Any subsequent offspring take on the vibration patterns of both parents. When two peoples war, they, too, take on the vibration patterns of the opposing group, and the next generations of offspring of those two peoples will have the vibration patterns of both peoples. The confrontation between the red and white people can be seen as a vibratory union that birthed a new civilization and a new belief system.

Can it be seen how important this “war” was?

So what’s the big deal about Crazy Horse in regard to history as humankind sees it?

He is a symbol; an icon, of a hero who fought an invincible enemy to try to save a way of life. He symbolizes that way of life, but he also symbolizes the horrific way that life came to an end. He symbolizes the struggle of resisting the inevitable, and resisting it gallantly, and not giving up until death. Crazy Horse was the epitome of the warrior archetype; an archetype most everyone has experienced in some focus.

Crazy Horse was channeling an archetype (the warrior archetype) and he was doing an incredible job. He played it so well that it continued to grow after his death. It will continue to grow in the years ahead, in fact the focus placed on him in the future will affect the past, making an even bigger hero out of him.

Every story needs a hero. The story he was a hero of was a story of the coming together of two cultures. It was quite a stormy union. The differences between the two cultures were so striking that war seemed inevitable. They were both male cultures (one less male than the other) and they came together during a male energy period. War was the best way for them to bond energetically. So they engaged each other and created an enmeshed shared fabric of consciousness. The red man played the role of victim, agreeing to lay down his consciousness in defeat. But that consciousness continued with the resulting offspring of both parties, gestating two or three generations. The victorious male white side of the conflict would carry that victory forward until a time came when their mojo would run out. Then the spiritual male red side consciousness would rise back up….

….just in time to see a world moving into female energy. It’s all timing.

Okay let’s take the sexual analogy in a different direction. The seemingly virgin land of America is the Woman and her man is the Red Man. They have a close and loving relationship. Along comes White Man whose eyes glaze over in lust for Woman. He fights off Red Man and rapes Woman, taking over the house. The woman became pregnant in the rape and gives birth to a new civilization. The vibrations of the rape lie dormant through a couple of generations but then rise to the surface. The generation experiencing this has no reference to explain this for they have all but forgotten the histories of the conflict. But the conflict rises anew, to be engaged in new ways.

First it becomes engaged within individual humans and then it erupts en masse, resulting in another conflict…. and more offspring. This is how we can seemingly perpetuate conflict, or any story, through what appears to us as linear time.

The Red Man/White Man conflict was an acting out of the archetypal conflict between the dualities of nature and technology. It was a polarity that began back when humankind was splitting up into genders. Humankind was doing a lot of polarizing at that time for we were in the process of fully entering physicality. Splitting into genders accelerated that transition.

This is when the nature/technology dualism began. This is when the story began, for we need stories to explain these ubiquitous paradoxes we find in “physical reality”. Although technically the story all happens at once, but to tell a story we need a beginning, middle, and end. So we will say that this polarity began in very ancient times.

We were in the process of fully entering a denser vibration spectrum at the same time we were polarizing like crazy. So it was only natural that we reacted to the new environment in two different ways. There developed two camps; the nature-lovers who reacted in a female way by allowing nature and trying to harmonize with it, and the technology-lovers who reacted in a male way by seeing nature as something to build upon or war over. The male aspect needed to create; he needed to build. Thus was created technology and its need to dominate.

Like the old commercial said, you can’t fool Mother Nature. But when the pendulum of energy swings towards the masculine all those male energy things get energized and develop dominance. Since we have been in a male energy era it is no wonder that technology has dominated our civilization more so than nature. But every dominance eventually reaches a point of saturation and then melts into its opposite. This we shall witness.

But not until we have played out every angle in the nature/technology storyline! There are a million different possibilities, all of which we must go through. We must take technology as far as it will take us before it returns us right back to nature. Which, eventually, will take us right back to technology.

Once we become aware of this endless cycle we slowly learn how to step out of it through the balance point in the middle and enter a new dynamic. That is what this, and other, storylines are leading us to.

First, let it be asked just what the difference is between nature and technology. If we do indeed create our own reality, do we not create nature just as much as technology? Nature is not something beyond our control, but rather something we create; so it is almost like a technology because we created it by arranging molecules and such to form a living system. No matter whether it is nature or technology, we created it, so there is no real difference between the two there. It is only in the perception of creatorship that a difference can be realized. That wispy difference then becomes a basis for further beliefs that continue to grow and morph. Eventually, you have two entirely different belief systems that are ready to go to war with one another. It is through both nature and technology that we are learning about creation in regard to and in conjunction with this particular 3-D holographic physical reality.

It is foolish to pit nature against technology. You cannot have a winner. They keep turning into each other because they are two sides to the same coin. So why are we fighting that duality? For two reasons: 1.) to learn about creation, and 2.) to procreate consciousness. War, as has been pointed out, is a lot like consciousness having sex.

All war originates in that 4th dimensional non-physical dimension known as the Dead Zone. It is all about pushing consciousness through physicality. War has been effective in that regard, but it was just a tool for us to use to a certain point, at which time we would pick up a new tool. Just as war seems to be reaching its heights of technological effectiveness, it soon will become obsolete. It soon will turn into its opposite: peace.

As the last war to be fought rages in the Dead Zone, it impinges on physicality and soon that war begins spilling over into our physical world. Some of us begin enacting it here. The good news is that it is, in fact, the last war to be initiated in the Dead Zone, and therefore the last war to be mirrored in physical reality. You see, as we prepare to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th, the fourth will collapse and the 3rd and 4th will merge into one and slide into the 5th.

That’s when war will end. That is also when some of our spiritual guidance coming from that 4th dimension also ends. It will be like radio silence. We will not be able to contact our spiritual guidance in the 4th dimension anymore, but we will slowly learn that that spiritual guidance is now with us in the physical. And that is one reason it will seem so different than now.

We will be in a female energy pattern then and we will use technology to get us closer to nature rather than further separate. Consciousness will be able to move through humankind without the need for conflict and we will not be subject to the whims and hocus pocus of those in the Dead Zone. Once we have moved beyond the seemingly paradoxical nature/technology dualism, then we can tackle some new paradoxes that do not require war to understand. Meanwhile, war continues to lead us — to drag us by the arm — through humongous shifts in consciousness.

So the Turtle Island War between the red man and white man was part of this?

The Turtle Island War IS part of it. Imagine a row of 10 cubicles. Nothing separates the cubicles but thin Japanese rice paper. The walls are really thin and you can almost see through them, but all you see is shadows. In each of the 10 cubicles is one of your other aspects living his or her life. It is all going on at the same time. Each of your ten aspects is fighting a conflict between nature and technology. You can see what is going on in your cubicle but all you see going on in the neighboring cubicles is shadows. You can hear some sounds, but they are muffled.

While it would make sense to ignore what was going on in neighboring cubicles in favor of focusing on your particular nature/technology dualism, would the problem not be solved and understood faster if all 10 aspects were able to communicate and work together? Would not a nice hole in the rice paper provide a peek into what the aspect in the next cubicle was doing and how they were solving the problem? This could help prevent you from making the same mistakes, or it could lead you in a different direction than if you were limited to only the information available in your cubicle.

Eventually, all the rice paper gets blown away and all 10 aspects turn to look at each other, realizing they are ONE. There is really nothing separating them. Once the illusions of separation are gone, war becomes obsolete and laughable. Meanwhile, every war that goes on within any cubicle impinges on the reality of any other cubicle. It may appear only as shadows and muffled sound but the impingement is real for if any one aspect experiences war, so do the other 9. By tearing the rice paper down, we can see what the impingement is. Seeing it, we can chose to not give in to it. We can choose to change the experience and begin impinging the new reaction out to the other aspects. Of course, eventually with all the rice paper gone, it will no longer be impinging so much as it will be doing.

So every battle that is fought in a war on earth is fought first in the Dead Zone?

Correct. Without exception; from small skirmishes right up to the detonations of atomic bombs, all battles are first rehearsed in the Dead Zone. In fact the Dead Zone productions are usually a little bigger and more violent. It always diminishes in scope somewhat as it translates. For one thing, there are those in the physical who just won’t participate.

Imagine what it would be like to no longer have an entire dimension of souls planning and rehearsing wars and conflict. Armageddon is the final war fought in the Dead Zone. It was never meant to be fought here on the earth plane, but it is a mighty big war and it impinges strongly on our cubicle. With big holes in the rice paper, some of it even gets through. But as the war ends there, its spillovers will end soon thereafter here in the physical.

There is no conflict between nature and technology. Conflict arises when there is resistance to the natural balance of the two. Being two sides to the same coin they cannot be out of balance. It is only focus that can be out of balance. If we only focus on one side of the coin, then our focus is out of balance. We are resisting seeing the other side, causing friction, or conflict. So the conflict is not between nature and technology, but rather it is within us and it is a conflict of focus.

The white man resisted nature spirituality and the red man resisted technology and the consciousness that resulted. Each took their inner conflict and projected it outward, acting out the conflict with each other, thereby forcing through the resistance to create an awareness of the other side of the coin for each side — or at least getting each side closer to that. The new awareness being birthed is imprinted and begins rising in consciousness through subsequent generations of offspring of both sides.

To truly see both sides of the coin involves being on both sides. This takes more than one life, especially considering that both sides have numerous perspectives, each of which needs to be understood for a wholeness of awareness of each side. War is a way for us to understand our resistances to peace. Peace is the natural state of balance in our understanding and application of nature and technology. Peace is the result of letting our resistance go.

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Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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