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The Woman Who Got Arrested

And the women who followed her

Without the proper training Julie was not ready to deal with the circumstances. She had never taken charge in a situation like this before. She was on the verge of panic.

Everyone was looking at her for direction. They were unsure what to do.

Julie took a deep breath, “Okay, anyone who is not fully committed to this should probably turn back now. Once we cross that line there will be no turning back. Listen to your heart. If you’re with me let’s go now.”

Julie began walking towards the property line. She did not look back. If she had looked back she would have seen that every one of the 33 women were following her.

Seeing the women moving forward, the police quickly got into position about 50 yards into the property. The head policeman was barking out commands. Each policeman was wearing a gas mask and brandishing a club.

As the women marched forward they put on their gas masks. They had no weapons, though, for their protest was strictly non-violent.

With each step she took Julie became more filled with energy and conviction. It was now too late to panic. The world needed to know what was going on at this place.

Some of the women were holding signs and some had their smart phones out videotaping everything. The press was nowhere to be seen.

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Through her gas mask Julie could see that each of the cops had multiple handcuffs dangling from their belts. She counted ten policemen which meant that each cop would have to arrest and cuff at least three women. She hoped that all the women remembered to not resist and remain non-violent.

When the women got halfway to the line of policemen the cops lobbed some tear gas canisters. It was a pointless move since all the women were wearing gas masks. Julie figured that it was standard procedure and more of a statement than an action.

The women continued marching slowly through the gas fog.

Being in the front, it was obvious that Julie was the leader and that she would be the first one arrested. She had never been arrested before and she had never spent a single minute in jail. She had no thoughts about what her family or friends would think of her. All her thoughts were in the present moment. All fear left her as she picked the largest cop who was near the middle of the line of policemen and walked straight towards him. With each step she felt more powerful.

Julie finally came to a point just a few feet in front of the cops. She stopped and so did the other women. The big cop in front of Julie was the first to make a move. The other cops followed suit.

The arresting began.

Written by

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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