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The Little Green Puppy

A bedtime story for humans

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a doggie gave birth to a litter of puppies in a cardboard box lined with a towel. While this may seem like an ordinary occurrence, it was not.

You see, one of the six puppies born that day turned out to be green! Have you ever heard of a green puppy before? Have you ever seen a green puppy before?

All the other puppies in the litter were normal colors; browns, tans, blacks and whites. But the little female runt of the litter was green!

The human family that lived in the house where the litter of puppies were born eventually put an ad in the local newspaper. The headline of the ad read, “Free Puppies!”

Many humans came to the house and many of them left with a puppy in hand. The little green puppy was never taken, though, and she was the last puppy left.

Finally, a family of three humans came. There was a mommy and daddy and a little girl. When seeing the little green puppy, the little girl began jumping up and down with glee. She clapped her hands and proclaimed, “That’s my puppy! I want her! I will name her Greenie. She’s green and beautiful and I want her for my puppy!”

So the little green puppy left her mommy that day and went home with the family with the little girl.

Greenie and the little girl became the best friends in the entire universe. They became inseparable… almost.

Not every day but most days Greenie’s girl left home in the morning and did not come back until later in the afternoon. Greenie kept hearing the word, ‘school,’ but she did not know what that meant except that her girl was taken away from her for what seemed like a long time.

But Greenie still managed to have fun all day long. Thanks to a little tiny door made just for her that was at the bottom of a very large door at the back of the house, Greenie could go outside into a very, very large playground where she could not only go to the bathroom but also have incredible fun with all the other animals outside in the backyard.

One day Greenie was running around just for the fun of it in the backyard when suddenly she stopped when she saw another animal. The animal had large ears and was very small. And it was brown.

The animal greeted Greenie, “Hi. My name is Brownie. I’m a little rabbit. What’s your name?”

Greenie stopped running around and stood still, “My name is Greenie. I’m a puppy dog.”

“Really?” the little teeny tiny rabbit replied. “I’m not very old but I have come across a few puppy dogs in my short life — and a few big ones. But none of them were ever green. Are you sure you’re a puppy dog?”

“Uh… I think I’m sure. But what is green?”

“Haven’t you seen yourself in a mirror before? You’re green! I’ve never seen a green puppy before.”

Greenie looked down at her arms and paws. They looked the same as they always have. “What is green?”

“Green is a color. Look at the grass below your paws. That grass is green.”

“Yeah. So.”

“Well, your fur is green just like the grass. Don’t you find that weird?”

“No, not at all. This is the color I’ve always been.”

“But puppy dogs are never green,” said the little brown bunny rabbit. “Little bunny rabbits are usually brown. When my mommy named me Brownie I had no idea that hundreds of thousands of other bunny rabbits were also named Brownie. I realized that there was nothing special about me. I was just another little brown bunny rabbit. Do you realize how much I wish I was different like you are?”

“What? You mean I’m different?”

“Of course you are! You’re green! And you’re a puppy dog! You might very well be the only green puppy dog in the world! And that makes you special!”

“It does? Wow, I’ve never thought of that before. I thought I was just another puppy dog. Thanks, Brownie. I suddenly feel special. But what about you? You’re brown just like every other little bunny rabbit.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s hard for me to feel special but you know what does make me feel special?”


“That I have a new friend! And that friend is a little green puppy dog!”

“Really? You want to be friends?”

“Of course I do!” said the little brown bunny rabbit.

Greenie and Brownie jumped up and down and then hugged. Then they chased each other around the seemingly huge backyard. They would catch each other and then roll around in the grass and tickle each other and laugh and giggle then chase each other around some more then roll around again in the grass while tickling each other. They had so much fun and were instantly best friends.

It was while they were resting for a moment that suddenly a bird came flying out of the sky and landed between them.

“Hi. My name is Yellow. I’m a canary. What are your names?”

“I’m a little rabbit and my name is Brownie,” said Brownie.

“My name is greenie and I’m a little green puppy dog,” said Greenie.

The three of them became instant best friends and immediately started playing together. While Greenie and Brownie ran around in circles around the backyard Yellow flew just above them as all three of them chased each other around the yard. Occasionally they would rest together but soon they were once again rolling around in the grass and tickling each other and playing. They had so much fun together!

And then came the sound of the back door opening. Greenie, Brownie and Yellow froze in their tracks. A girl came out of the back door and yelled, “Greenie! Greenie! It’s time for dinner!”

Greenie looked at Brownie and Yellow and said, “Hey, it was so fantastic playing with you guys but my girl is home.”

“Your girl?” asked Yellow.

“What is a girl?” asked Brownie.

“A girl is a small human with long beautiful hair who is never mean and always wants to play. My girl happens to be my bestest friend in the whole world.”

“I want a girl, too,” said Brownie.

“Me, too,” said Yellow. “Where can we get a girl?”

“I don’t know,” said Greenie. “My girl just came and got me.”

“Greenie!” called the girl.

Greenie looked towards the girl then turned back to her two new friends, “Come back tomorrow afternoon and we’ll play some more and maybe we will all be able to play with my girl after she comes home from school.” Greenie turned and ran as fast as she could to the girl at the back door of the house.

Yellow turned to Brownie and asked what a school was. Brownie just shrugged her shoulders.

The next day Greenie, Brownie and Yellow played in the backyard for a very long time while they waited for Greenie’s girl to come home from school. They played so hard that eventually they had to rest so they found a nice sunny place in the grass to just sit and rest and talk.

Eventually, Greenie the puppy dog looked at Brownie the bunny rabbit and inquired, “By the way, Brownie, how do you get into the back yard. The yard is surrounded by a very tall fence. I cannot get out so how do you get in?”

Brownie chuckled, “Follow me and I’ll show you.”

Brownie hopped over to the big lilac bush next to the wooden fence. She then wiggled her way behind the bush as Greenie followed. Behind the bush was a small hole in the fence. Brownie squeezed through the hole and Greenie followed her. Yellow, of course, merely flew over the fence.

Greenie, Brownie and Yellow were now suddenly in the alleyway behind the back yard.

“Wow!” said Greenie as she looked around. “I’ve never been out here before. It’s like a whole different world.”

“I’ve been out here,” said Brownie. “This world is actually a lot bigger than just what we see here.”

“I’ve been out here, too,” said Yellow. Then Yellow suddenly got an idea, “Hey, since you’ve never been out here before, why don’t Brownie and I take you for a walk around the block?”

“A walk around the block?” exclaimed Greenie. “Yes. Yes. Yes! I want to go for a walk around the block! Let’s go!”

All the animals of the neighborhood stopped what they were doing when they saw and heard Greenie, Brownie and Yellow walking hand-in-hand down the sidewalk singing a silly song. They seemed so happy. They walked all the way around the block and then back up the alley to the hole in the fence.

“Thanks Brownie and Yellow. That was so much fun. You two are such great friends. We better get back in the yard, though, because I think my girl will be home soon.”

They were not back in the yard for long when Greenie’s girl came out of the back door and ran towards Greenie. Greenie jumped up to her girl and they hugged and kissed then rolled around in the grass tickling each other.

Then Greenie introduced her girl to her two new friends, Brownie and Yellow. The four of them then played and played and played until they suddenly grew tired.

Just then, the girl’s mommy opened the back door and yelled, “Dinner!”

Greenie’s girl said to Brownie and Yellow, “Come back tomorrow and we’ll play some more.”

“Okay,” said Brownie.

“Okay,” said Yellow.

Greenie and her girl then ran as fast as they possibly could to the back door. They were both very hungry.

Greenie ate every morsel of food in her bowl and then licked the bowl perfectly clean — scooting the bowl around the kitchen floor in the process.

After dinner Greenie’s girl sat on the couch with her mommy and daddy to watch some TV. Greenie jumped up into her girl’s lap. After kissing her girl she then got comfortable and fell asleep in her lap. In her dreams she dreamed about playing with her girl and her two new friends, Brownie and Yellow.

The next day Greenie and her girl and Brownie and Yellow played in the backyard again for a long time. And they played together again the next day and the next day and the next day. The four of them became the bestest friends of all in the whole world.

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

Just then my 32-year-old daughter came into the room, “Okay kiddo, it’s time for bed. Give your grandpa a kiss and thank him for the story then get upstairs and get your PJs on.”

My granddaughter gave me a big fat kiss on the cheek, thanked me for the story then squeezed me really hard.

Then she turned to her mother, “Can I get a puppy?”

“Go upstairs! We’ll talk about that later.”

As my granddaughter ran up the stairs my adult daughter looked at me accusingly, “Great, now she wants a puppy!”

“Oh, sorry about that.”

My daughter then put one hand on her hip and turned her head to the side, “A green puppy, a bunny rabbit and a canary walking down the sidewalk hand-in-hand? Seriously? How is that even possible?”

“You heard?”

“Of course I heard. I was just in the other room. I heard the whole story.”

“Well, of course it’s possible. All you have to do is use your imagination.”

“So, dad, did you tell me that story when I was a little kid?”

I got up from the couch, “Oh gosh no. No, no. I just now made it up as I was telling it. You know how I like improv.”



“You are so fucking weird!”

I laughed, “Well thank you very much. I take that as a compliment… but anyway, I better get going. I’ve got work tomorrow.”

“Me, too. And I’ve got to get upstairs to tuck the kid in. Thanks for coming over and playing with her and telling her that ridiculous story.”

“My pleasure. So I guess I’ll see you next week?”

“Yup, we’ll be here. Bye.”


And then I hugged my girl.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction, sort of.
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