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The Female Christ Speaks

This is HER story


I am Mary and I speak to everyone’s heart. I call forth the heart within your heart, the one that is encased with the emotion of centuries. I come to awaken the joy within that heart. Joy is the only thing to soften and dissolve that casing of emotions. It is a joy that is forever etched in the soul memory of all humans.

This joy is the feeling that animates this world, and without it this reality would cease. The vibrancy of this dimension is determined by the level of joy being allowed through unimpeded.

I represent the Female Christ consciousness that allows for the receivership of this joy. I am not big on words. Instead I listen. But when I listen and hear prayers and calls for joy, but that joy is obstructed, then I will speak my advice in opening back up to allow that joy back in.

The biggest obstacle you put forth to block this joy is your own attitudes about yourselves. The love and joy expressed in relation to your own selves is what opens the door for joy. Every self emotion; doubt, guilt, fear, is an impediment to the joy trying to find its way into and through you.

I am the Female Christ and I am that part of you that receives joy. My twin soul is the Male Christ and it is he who is the part of you who takes that joy and expresses it out towards your creation, which is that part of oneness that you have created as your life.

I am not separate from you or from my twin. I am within each of you, just as each of you are within me, for I hold all in receivership and I accept all. You cannot proceed without passing through me. And you cannot pass through me without touching joy.

In your time, it is not acceptable to hurt others. It is not acceptable to show anger towards others. It is not acceptable to inflict pain upon others. It is becoming unacceptable to pass judgment on others. It is not acceptable to project hate upon others. It is unacceptable to kill another. It is unacceptable to make fun of someone’s body.

Yet it is still acceptable to do all those things to your selves. Tolerance of others is only one step towards unconditional love of others, but it is a step you have begun to take. That step must also be taken with yourselves. When you truly love…