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The Ending and the Beginning

Why are you smiling?

Because it’s finally going to happen.

Okay, that could mean several things.

Look at the calendar.

Okay… It’s Saturday, September 8th. I don’t get it.

Look at tomorrow.

Sunday, September 9th… Oh, tomorrow is the new moon.

Not just the new moon but THE new moon.

Oh my God! I think I know what you’re talking about. Are you seriously going to do it? Tomorrow?

Yes. And the timing is perfect. The new moon is the perfect time to quit something as well as to start something. I’ve let so many new moons pass without taking action, without utilizing the new moon mojo. But tomorrow’s new moon has extra strong mojo — especially for us.


Look at the numbers. September is the 9th month and tomorrow is the 9th day of the 9th month. If I write tomorrow’s date as 9–9–18 that is a triple nine.

Which when turned upside down is a triple 6.

Indeed. We’re talking very intense mojo. And my number is 9 and yours is 6.

Oh my God, plus it’s September! Our mojo month; our month of change. Holy smokes, you’re really going to do it, aren’t you!

I sure hope so… I mean yes, yes I am definitely going to do it tomorrow! It’s time. I don’t want to put it off any longer. With tomorrow’s powerful mojo moon window it is time for me to take action.

So have you been getting any signs telling you that this new moon is the one?

Well, besides all the signs on the calendar I did get a sign this morning in my dreams. I was talking with someone. I don’t remember who I was talking with or what we were talking about but in the middle of whatever I was saying I used the word, ‘quit.’ As soon as I said that word I was flooded with an intense warm tingly feeling throughout my dream body. I saw the word as I’ve never seen it before. It seemed to expand and almost explode. I realized that I’ve been saying that word a lot lately but it has just been jibber-jabber. I wasn’t feeling the word like I did in the dream. I’ve just been saying it and not doing it. What do you get when you spell ‘quit’ backwards?

Uh, t-i-u-q. I sure don’t know how to pronounce that.

You’re being too literal. When you spell ‘quit’ backwards you get ‘start.’ You can’t start something new until you quit something and you can’t quit something without starting something. ‘Quit’ and ‘start’ are two sides of the same coin. I’ve been wanting to start several new things but nothing gets started because I have failed to quit.

Holy shit, you really are going to quit tomorrow! I can feel it now, too. You’ve been talking about it for months and now it’s finally going to happen.

Actually I’ve been talking about it for years.

Hey listen, know that I fully support you. I’m behind you 100%. You can count on me.

Thanks. That means a lot. I know I can count on you. I’m not fully sure that I can count on myself, though.

Hey, I’ve seen you take action for many, many, many years and when you do, you do, and things happen. You have blown me away far too many times. I’m confident in you.

Thanks. I am actually quite happy and excited right now. And a little nervous…

Well don’t be. Hey, today is like, ‘Quit Eve.’ Maybe you should celebrate. Oh, and it’s Saturday. With being on the cusp of all of tomorrow’s mojo maybe you should buy a Powerball ticket today.

No, I’m not going to leave anything to chance. It’s all about taking action myself. And I don’t plan on celebrating. That would be premature. Today is just going to be a normal day. Tomorrow is when everything changes. But you can buy a Powerball ticket if you want to. You know where my wallet is.

Okay, I think I will buy one.

Just remember that if you win we split it 50/50.

Of course. Of course! That’s always been the arrangement and always will be. Wow, I can’t believe you’re really going to do it. Now I’m the one that’s smiling. This is so cool. Hmm, I wonder where we’ll be next September…

Who knows? Maybe that is when we can truly celebrate.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction.
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