Thank you so very much, Ann Litts , for mentioning my story. I posted that story 12 days ago and now you are only the second person to have read it. You are certainly correct when you say that not everyone is comfortable with the mystic. Very few people on Medium are and the very young Medium Staff curating staff most emphatically is not. They are very narrowly focused on articles about how to become a billionaire by adopting Elon Musk’s bathroom habits. That seems to be what the younger generations are focused on so that is what the Medium curating staff is exclusively focused on.

That was a story that I have been wanting to tell for years. I finally got up the courage to tell it and I spent days working on it. But it was met with an overwhelming NADA (my worst performing story in almost a year).

People just don’t want to hear about anything mystic. The internet has conditioned us to believe that anything mystic is pure woo-woo bullshit.

But it’s not just the subject matter. I condensed my story down to just 12 minutes (it was not easy). But in our Twitterized world very, very few people will click on a story that is more than a 5 minute read. Publishing a 12 minute read on Medium is almost guaranteeing that it will never be read.

But stories involving mysticism can rarely be fully told in just two minutes. They can’t be understood in a Twitter-sized post. There are always many levels to the experience.

And as you so eloquently expressed, it involves getting out of the everyday Twitter mentality frequency. It involves tweaking the frequency we are tuned to. Very, very few people are willing to do that. But if we are to evolve collectively we must be willing to turn that frequency dial and listen to a new station that we don’t listen to every day. Listening to other people’s mystical experiences not only reminds us of the mystical experiences we all have had but it opens us up to new potential mystical experiences.

As you said, the world needs all of us. Our experiences are the net that catches all of us. I share my experiences hoping that others will share their experiences. I read other’s experiences hoping to feel the one-ness that connects us all. It is not just Medium’s responsibility to grant visibility to mystical stories but it is our personal responsibility to search for those stories so that we can see and relate to what others are experiencing beyond the very, very narrow confines of what shows up in our Medium feed.

We all need to turn that radio dial — whether AM or FM or Internet — and see what else is on.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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