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Smoking Pot in the Bathroom

I was stupid

White Feather
5 min readJul 15, 2019

I was sixteen years old and I was stupid.

My father’s day job started at six in the morning and he got off work at three in the afternoon. He worked downtown which was about a twenty to twenty-three minute drive from where we lived. So he left for work at 5:30 in the morning. I was never awake yet at that hour so I never saw my father in the morning.

I walked to high school in the morning. That also took around twenty minutes. But I had a ride home from school at the end of the school day.

My ride was with my father. Getting off work at three in the afternoon, he stopped to pick me up from school on his way home. I got out of school at 3:30 and he arrived between 3:20 and 3:25. So he sat in his car for five to twelve minutes waiting for me.

What did he do while waiting for me? As far as I could ascertain, he rolled down the car windows (this was in the hot Southwest desert). With the car turned off, he turned on the radio and listened to music while waiting for me.

One day I opened the passenger door and slipped into the car, ready to go home. To my profound horror I found that my father was listening to a post-Beatles Paul McCartney song. And he was singing along! I was rendered speechless and thrown into a state of utter disbelief.

At the time my father was in his mid-fifties! What adult in his mid-fifties sang along to Paul McCartney songs in the early 1970s? I was beyond stunned.

He quickly turned off the radio and started the car as he asked me how my day was. I was too freaked out to answer.

The normal routine was for my father to drive us home and then I would change clothes, getting ready for work. My father would then hand me the keys to his car and I would go to work. I had an evening job at a fast-food restaurant which I would work until a little after ten in the evening. My father and I shared his car.

My parents’ bedtime was around ten in the evening. I didn’t get off work until around 10:30. After work I would usually go out with some buddies to drink beer and smoke pot. I would get home around midnight and very quietly go to my desk where I would put on my headphones and put on a vinyl record as I did my homework…



White Feather