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Putting the ingredients together

How do you make a sandwich
without any bread?
How do you gain traction
without any tread?

How do you go upwards
without elevator or stairs?
How do you sit at the table
without any chairs?

How do you play the game
without any cards?
How do you score a touchdown
without any yards?

Is there a way
to have it all?
Is there a way to be tall
while remaining small?

By changing our perspective
can we see what is lacking?
Can we also see
what we are attracting?

Life is a sandwich
we put ingredients together
Is it possible to fly
with just a single feather?

If life is a sandwich
we want to taste it all
If life is an amalgamation
how can it be small?

Do we bite or nibble?
How much do we take in?
How far can we go?
Without a need to win?

If life is a sandwich
how do we make it?
If we want it all
then we just can’t fake it

We must use ingredients
from our heart
we cannot skimp
we must be smart

Filling our mouths
our hearts open up
and we can never fill
that bottomless cup

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. All My Poetry.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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