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New Year’s Visualization

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White Feather
2 min readDec 30, 2020
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A very thick cloud of negativity has covered America and much of the world lately. It is extremely difficult not to be affected by this. It covers and penetrates everything.

We just experienced a significant snowstorm here where I live. For three days we never saw the sun. As the snow piled up, the temperature plummeted and the prevailing vibrations became very gloomy and bereft of hope.

But then finally there was a break in the clouds and the life-giving light of the sun came streaking through. Drawn by the light, I went to the window. Looking out, I saw other people drawn to their windows by the light. Some went outside to luxuriate in the light. I could feel the vibrations rise. I could feel the hope and joy and the lifting of spirits.

Instead of a New Year’s resolution I am going to do a New Year’s visualization. I am going to visualize the thick blanket of negativity that covers us be broken up by the light of the sun, by the light of consciousness, by the light of love and joy. I will visualize that light flooding the land and all the people. I will visualize the storm being over.

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