My life in the sky with diamonds

Last night I watched the sunset and soon thereafter I watched the almost-full moon-rise. That glorious moon was overhead all night long. Early this morning I stood staring at the full moon set over the western horizon. Not very long after that I watched the sun rise. It has been over head all day and now it is about to dip behind the western horizon with yet another curtain call.

The full moon rise comes soon after that.

With my fervent awareness of the celestial objects that bear down upon us from above, the last couple of days have been profound. How often are we aware of the transits of the two most prominent and most intense of objects above our noggins? How often do we look up? How often to we look? How often do we feel it?

During the time of the full moon we are bathed in light throughout the day and night. During the day we receive direct light/energy. At night we are bathed in reflected light/energy. It’s the best time to re-charge our inner solar and lunar batteries. It’s also a great time to step through portals and stuff like that.

Sometimes I fantasize about having a home with a glass roof so that there would be nothing but glass separating me from from the ongoing celestial light show.

But is the glass really necessary? How open to those energies do we want to be? Has that connection slowly disintegrated over our life? How disconnected are we?

Did you know that you can stand on the ground watching the full moon rise and, in the state of receivership, we can access the memories of every single full moon that we stood on the ground watching it in both this life and, perhaps, other lives? Every time we stare at the full moon we have the opportunity to forever emblazon memories and feeling-tone vibrations upon the lunar skein of time and space.

That’s what the moon whispered to me some years ago, anyway.

It’s the same with the sun; the optimum time for making recordings that can be injected into the light and be seared onto eternity; sunrise and sunset. Sure, everything is recorded but it is the hits that stand out in the memory banks. They are the tabs in the filing cabinet. They are the vibrations that unlock the ginormous bank vault. They are the switches that turn on the memories of both past and future.

Is it really lunacy to schedule our lives around the sun and the moon? Are we who do that really lunatics? Are we freaks?

My oh my, what have we done to ourselves by putting roofs over our head?

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