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Lookout Point

When people stop at the lookout point they are usually unaware of the long history of that spot looking out over the large lake. They are overcome with the beauty of the view and the joy it evokes but do not understand the underlying vibes still lingering from a long history that stretches hundreds of years into the past.

There is no written history of everything that occurred at the lookout point. No one knows the full history except the lookout point itself. It remembers everything that happened to the people whose feet stood upon it.

In the past thousand years exactly three hundred and sixty-eight people got married on that rock. Twenty-seven people attained enlightenment while meditating on that rock. Eighty-one people had life-changing visions. Four people were killed by lightning. One hundred seventeen humans were conceived. Two thousand, six hundred and eight life-altering decisions were made. Nine thousand, four hundred and five photographs were taken. And a staggering one thousand, five hundred and twenty-one poems were written by humans sitting or standing on this lookout point.

And that does not even include the history of all the animals who stood on the spot looking out over the lake.

On all the maps the spot is labeled merely as, Lookout Point. The name does not do the rock justice. Of course there are no words to do it justice. Not even any of the words in all those poems.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction.

Speaking of rocks…

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