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Latitude, Altitude & Attitude

3 important components of weather

Today has been a dark, gray, gloomy day with intermittent fog and ongoing snow flurries. All the tree branches are frosted with ice.

A decade or so ago some friend told me that their favorite channeled entity was saying that we are about to enter an ice age; that every ice age is preceded by a brief period of global warming. So we should enjoy the warming now before everyone begins to head for the equator.

In the late 1800s some Sioux tribes went north to Canada to flee the fierce war with the unrelenting U. S. Army. When asked why he and his tribe chose not to do this, Crazy Horse said, “It’s too cold up there!” (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

Do you feel trapped at a certain latitude? Afraid to go either north or south? Do you feel that there might be some other latitude that better matches your wants and desires? Are the latitudes somehow changing? Or are we?

What is your favorite latitude? (And how does it make you feel?)

There can be a great variety of different climates within a latitude and that all depends on altitude. Altitude is just as important as latitude. Certain altitudes can be seriously discombobulating to some yet intensely peaceful to others.

You can find just the right latitude and just the right altitude to make you feel like you are in paradise but you are not going to have much fun without the other ‘tude;’ attitude.

The nice thing about attitude is that it can be thoroughly changed without even leaving your neighborhood. While latitude and altitude are fixed, attitude is, much like the weather, in a state of constant flux.

This is the scientific explanation for how attitude and the weather are connected. At least I think it is. I’m not a scientist.

There are some channeled entities who claim that weather is actually caused by collective attitudes. That makes sense, too.

Which came first? The bad weather or the bad attitude? These are questions definitely worth pondering.

Did I mention that there is absolutely no wind right now? And there certainly are no birds or squirrels. There isn’t even any traffic on the street. It is eerily still as though everything is frozen in time. Staring out into the wintry tableau outside of my office window can be rather hypnotizing.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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