“… when was the last time you took a trip (not acid) without a final destination in mind?”

It’s been a few decades since I’ve done that but I’ve done it several times. Do you have any idea what a monumental joy it is to go stand at the side of the highway with your thumb out? You have absolutely no destination in mind. You just go where ever the wind (or traffic) takes you. By doing that you discover incredible places that you never knew existed and outrageously unique people (characters) that you never could have dreamed up. You move for the sake of moving; someplace new every day. No itinerary, no destination, no map, no expectations; just pure freedom. Your final destination is never where you thought it would be but it is always perfect. Sometimes when you have a fixed final destination in mind before even embarking on the journey you might not ever embark on that journey and if you do you miss out on a lot of incredible discoveries on the side roads. I realize that this whacko, unacceptable concept of ‘traveling’ is not for everyone and it flies in the face of everything that everyone on Medium says but it has been one of my greatest teachers. It has produced some of my most joyous and enlightening experiences.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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