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Imprinting With Joy

Footprints leading us home

Every day there are several windows of opportunity for joy to be experienced. How many of these opportunities do we even notice? These windows can be very short and fleeting, and they can be easily overlooked. They are like tiny mushrooms on the floor of the forest. One can look at the forest without seeing the mushrooms. As one begins walking, though, one’s attention is drawn to the floor of the forest. Soon one cannot help but notice them, and before long it seems they are everywhere.

When we experience a moment of pure joy, we are imprinting the universe with that joy. Moments of pure joy are reference points we can access from any point in time. Once an imprint has been made that joy will forever be accessible through that imprint as well as any other information encoded during the time of the imprint.

Try imprinting the universe with a moment of pure intense joy. Six months later try to remember that moment. It will be easy. Nothing imprints better than love and joy.

The more one experiences pure love and joy (the highest vibratory frequencies we can experience), the more one imprints, and the more one imprints, the easier it becomes to plug into that joy. Those windows of opportunity become something we look for and expect. They become more obvious; in fact they seem to multiply. Eventually, we will slip into a state of constant joy. But we are not ready for that yet. We could not take that much joy because we are not used to it. We must acclimatize ourselves to it, building up our capabilities to experience it. That is why every opportunity to embrace joy should be taken. The more we experience it and imprint it, the closer we get to being able to handle a state of constant joy.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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