Human Watching

Jank and Kank had been best friends for several seasons. They met twice a day on the power lines next to the elementary school playground. They timed their meetings to coincide with recess.

Today Kank was the first one there. Excited with good news, Jank flew toward the power line where Kank was perched, landing just a few inches away from Kank.

Kank: “Greetings, Jank.”

Jank: “Greetings, Kank. I’ve got some great news. I didn’t miss the little human-song did I?”

Kank: “No, but I have a feeling they will be coming out any minute.”

Just then a loud buzzing sound came from the school building. Doors suddenly flung open and little humans came pouring out onto the playground.

Jank: “Oh yippee. I’m just in time.”

Kank: “Isn’t it wonderful? I don’t think there is any more delightful sound on this planet than little human-song.”

Jank: “I so agree. Thank goodness for little humans. Too bad the big humans don’t make such beautiful music. The little humans are obviously the more advanced of the two types of humans. Just listen to that glorious music they make on the playground.”

Kank: “I could listen to it all day. Too bad they only come out to play twice a day.”

Jank: “Well, you know that it is almost summer and there will be that awful time when the playground is empty all day for a couple of months.”

Kank: “Yes, that will be so sad. We’ll have to fly all over town searching for isolated pockets of little humans playing. The music is never as intense as when they are all in one place together.”

Jank: “An old bird I know says that without little human-song the universe would collapse.”

Kank chuckled: “Yeah, I’ve heard of that old bird. I think it’s true. The sound of little humans playing has got to be the most powerful, uplifting music in the world. I can’t imagine a world without it.”

Jank: “And it’s not just the music. I mean, look at them! They are so happy, so full of joy.”

Kank: “And they’re so colorful!”

Kank turned to look down the power line. There were scores of birds on the line watching the little humans.

Eventually the loud buzzing noise came from the school building again and all the little humans raced towards the building to go back inside. Most of the other birds on the line flew away.

Kank turned to Jank: “So what is this exciting news you were going to tell me?”

Jank: “Oh, it’s so exciting! I found this cherry tree not too far from here…”

Kank: “Are the cherries ripe already?”

Jank: “They’re not only ripe but they are fantastic! They are so much juicier than last year.”

Kank: “So what are we doing here? I’m starving! Take me to that tree.”

Jank and Kank flew off to have lunch but they were back at the playground after lunch just in time for the next recess.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. This is a work of fiction.
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