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Human Lungs

An organ that is not just inside us

White Feather
2 min readApr 23, 2020

We have been taught since childhood that each of us is an organism that is separate from our environment. We have been taught that all of our organs are inside of us.

This is incorrect.

All humans have lungs. But only part of our lungs are inside of our body. A large portion of our lungs are outside of our body.

Yes, this goes against everything we believe but it’s true.

The other part of our lungs outside of our bodies consists of all the trees and forests of trees on the planet. If those trees did not consume the carbon dioxide that we emitted and if we could not consume the oxygen they emitted we would not be able to survive as a species — or even individually.

Would you get a butcher knife and cut yourself open and chop out a significant portion of your lungs?

Of course not.

Yet we continue to chop down significant portions of the lungs outside of our body! How stupid are we?

Seriously! Why are we committing suicide?

I fervently urge everyone reading this to watch the brand new documentary, Planet of the Humans. I guarantee you it will blow your mind wide open.

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