Human Energy Sources

Burning questions about creating and sourcing and being human

Fire needs fuel constantly. Without fuel it goes out. What are you fueling your life with? Think about it. Look at what you use for fuel. Do you fuel yourself with thoughts? With emotions? With feelings? Does being angry fire you up? Fuel you? Is food your fuel of choice? Is television your fuel? Does alcohol or pot or nicotine or caffeine or medication fuel you?

What is your fuel source and how extensive is that source? Can you draw on it whenever you need to? Is it always there with sufficient fuel? Does it allow your flames to burn at incredible levels? Is your fuel renewable? Does it pollute? Can it be depleted?

Is passion your fuel? Desire? Hope? Lust? Do you draw fuel from other people? Or do you fuel others? Do you use love as a fuel? If so, do you use emotional love or unconditional love? Does the sun fuel you when it rises each morning above the horizon? Is your fuel solid, liquid, gaseous, or electric? What kind of fuel efficiency do you get from your energy source?

Do questions act as fuel for answers to erupt and burn themselves into our awareness?

Do you ever drink Redbull, the energy drink that gives you wings? Do you find your fuel outside of yourself or within? Or a combination thereof? Is there an invisible spiritual elixir that can give us wings? Indeed, is there one that can enable us to fly?

Does beauty fuel you on a regular basis? Is beauty a fuel? What about joy?

For our fires to burn we must have fuel. How aware are we of the fuel sources we tap into? When you fuel up your car it is a rather perfunctory task. You do it without hardly thinking about it. The main thing that draws our attention is when the price goes up. What is the price of your main fuel source?

Can we use sunlight as fuel for our beings? What about air? Water? Prana?

Every human is a divine being. We are creator gods. We create. But, like fire, to create we must have fuel. We must have a Source. There are two kinds of gods; Source Gods and Creator Gods. Source Gods do nothing but source energy. Creator Gods cannot source their own energy so they use the energy sourced by the Source Gods and they create with that. You need both kinds of gods to hold up the hologram. The evolutionary path of divine humans is leading to the blossoming of a whole new kind of god; one that is both a Source and a Creator. This is the grand experiment; to see if this kind of god can be actualized. We are the volunteers who agreed to undergo the experiment. So not only is it helpful to become aware of our divine Creator abilities, but it also helps to become aware of the energy sources we utilize now so that we can gain “energy independence;” a state necessary to be in, in order to develop those forthcoming source abilities.

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Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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