Have You Ever Put Your Fist Through a Door?

There is a better way…

If you have ever put your fist through a door you probably now know that there are far less destructive ways to get beyond the door. Often, doorknobs work much more easily. Knocking sometimes helps. Even a smartphone can be beneficial. Sometimes you’ve simply got to walk through the door.

Everyone hates a locked door. You can’t get in. You are excluded! You are blocked. A locked door makes you 20 times more determined to get through than an unlocked door.

Sometimes we don’t even bother going through an unlocked door. If it isn’t locked then there must not be much of value on the other side.

Value, of course, is relative. What we perceive to be on the other side of that door is what helps determine perceived value. How difficult it is to get through that door can augment that perceived value.

There are physical doors and there are mental doors and there are spiritual doors. We are all looking for a master key. Without that, sometimes we just have to climb in through an opened window.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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