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What does it really mean to you?


I will always remember my encounter with the Female Christ, known also as White Buffalo Calf Woman and a host of other names. One of the things that forever struck me about her was her hair. Her head hair flowed down her back all the way down to the backs of her knees. Seeing her hair I was thrust into a state of rapture.

Is that too radical a thing to say?

As everyone knows, human head hair is an organ of the body. It is the organ in which we store our mojo. It is an organ that is a vital part of our inner intuitive psychic abilities. Every one of our head hairs is a psychic antenna.

Everyone surely has heard the true story about how the U. S. military during the Vietnam War recruited numerous Native Americans who possessed incredible psychic scouting abilities. The native peoples had always shown incredible scouting abilities going back to the horrific war against them. The American army wanted someone to let them know where the Vietcong were.

As the army did with all recruits, they buzzed off almost all the head hair of those talented Native American recruits upon enlistment. That’s what the army had always done for many years.

To the army’s surprise, once those Native American recruits had all their long hair buzzed off they suddenly no longer had their amazing psychic scouting ability. They were suddenly no longer any better qualified to be a scout than any other soldier.

Is it any wonder? The army cut off their organ which contained their psychic mojo.

The last time I cut my head hair was the first week of October, 1986. That’s right, it’s been almost 33 years since I’ve cut my hair. After all that time you would think that my hair reaches down to the backs of my ankles by now but sadly that is not the case. It only reaches down to the middle of my back. It’s been that same length for the last 29 or 30 years. It has not gotten any longer in the last three decades!

At the time my little girl (my greatest teacher) was still in her mother’s belly, I was deeply involved with Lakota spirituality. I was doing two to five sweat-lodges a month. I was an apprentice to a pipe-carrier but I never achieved that ranking because my pipe-carrier suddenly left town…