Good Mornings

White Feather
2 min readNov 9, 2020

How do you start your days?

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Awakening to a new day is something we do with each rotation of the planet. With age we have the opportunity to become adept at awakening. Spiritual enlightenment is also a form of awakening but it can take an entire lifetime or even multiple lifetimes before it happens.

Do we use our daily morning time awakenings as practice for bigger awakenings? How consciously aware are we of our morning awakenings? Are they merely fast perfunctory shifts between states of awareness? What kind of energy is involved? Do we awaken with alarm (with the help of alarm clocks)? Do we hold any resistance to awakening in the morning? Do we immediately start planning? How quickly do our endless mental loops of thought begin playing in our noggin? How much of our awakening is spent free of all thought in a receptive state to new possibilities? When we awaken in the morning do we bless the new day?

Before we fall asleep at the end of a day do we feel and express to the Universe our gratitude for the day of life we just experienced and, if so, how does this affect our mental, physical, and spiritual state upon awakening the next morning?

Are the windows in our bedroom closed off to the light of morning by blinds or curtains or draperies*? Likewise, do we go through life closed off to the light of spiritual awakening? What barriers do we put up to block profound spiritual awakening from disrupting our endless routine hamster wheel activities?

How precious are your mornings? How precious are your days?

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(*Drapes is a verb. Draperies is a noun.)

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