Form and Formless

Becoming aware of and healing primal separation


There is a power so strong and so infinite that entire realities are created and fueled by it. This energy is so unconditional that it gives life to everything it touches. This energy flows non-stop through the world it creates. This energy is pure consciousness that seeks to became aware of itself through its creations.

As part of those creations, humans have this energy flowing through them at all times. We are a manifestation of that energy. We ARE that energy. As that energy, we are all one. We are all connected.

But we each have our own minds. These minds see themselves as separate from other minds even though each of us is being fed by the same source energy and consciousness. We are in the process of creating our own individual self and in the process we have created resistance to that energy flowing through us. The mind sees the forms created but no longer sees or feels that incredible energy flowing through us that allows us to create those forms.

As our minds develop and create a separateness from other minds, the ego is created to identify with that separateness and to protect its identity. The ego identifies with form only and thus is closed off to the formless energy flowing through us from our Source. We, the divine beings that we are, identify…