Farmer Joe

And why he shaved his head

White Feather
1 min readFeb 5, 2021

Farmer Joe was working on his farm one day when he put his arm too far into the woodchipper. As a result he had his left hand chopped off.

In the months that followed he grew ever more despondent. Women would no longer go out on dates with him. His friends started avoiding him. Strangers looked away when they saw him. Joe was convinced it was because of his missing hand. He became ever more self-conscious about it.

Then one day he had a brilliant idea. He chopped off his entire left arm. That way no one would notice his missing hand.

But there was something else that Farmer Joe was getting more self-conscious about. Every morning he would look in the bathroom mirror and notice that his hairline was rapidly receding.

Then one day he had another brilliant idea. Remembering his idea in regards to his missing hand, he decided to completely shave his entire head. That way no one would notice his receding hairline.

Sadly, women still would not go out with him.

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