Everything that has endeared me to Medium from day one is everything that they are doing away with. They surface less and less and less content while simultaneously hiding more and more and more content. It is beyond obvious that they want total complete 100% control of what we see and read. They consider us too stupid to decide for ourselves what we want to see and read and clap for. They want to make all those decisions for us.

With each passing week Medium is looking more and more like every other mainstream media TIME-wannabe internet news outlet. To them, the notion of ‘discoverability’ refers only to what their young curating staff (and their new mainstream leader) wants us to discover. The opportunities for us to discover on our own are slowly eroding away to nothing. We are being force-fed what the curating staff has been instructed to cram down our throats.

The new senior editor of Medium’s young curating staff has pulled Medium off its path to glory and is taking it down the rocky road that Newsweek Magazine took to its demise. I have to wonder if she ever even wandered the pages of Medium before she took over and started to ruin it. Did she ever see what a fantastic place this was? Has she ever read what the users of Medium have been saying over and over and over again? Is she even remotely aware of what the core Medium population wants? Is she to Medium what Betsy DeVos is to education in America? Is she here to improve things or tear everything down? Is she here to turn Medium into another version of TIME magazine? If so, Medium is in deep, deep trouble.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/