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Countdown to Change

Snippets of early October observations

White Feather
5 min readOct 6, 2018


I’ve been wearing long pants for over a week now. My, how things can change.

Have you ever been told by someone to count backwards from 10? (A hypnotherapist perhaps?) Do you remember back in the Sixties when everyone would stop everything to watch a rocket launch on TV? The excitement grew with the final countdown. From 10 down to launch. And what about the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Countdowns can be exciting.

For me, today is number 10. Tomorrow is 9 and the next day 8. There are ten days until lift-off. At least I think it’s ten days. I can’t be entirely sure. Things change.

But I have officially begun the countdown. We’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow is the last green chile roasting Saturday of the year. I’ve already stocked up on green chile but I think I can squeeze a little more into my freezer.

Isn’t snippet a cute word? It practically screams brevity. Personally, I think it would be a great name for a cat.

My morning glories look like they’ve been to the North Pole and back. They are droopy and brown yet they still put out at least a few flowers almost every day. I have started to harvest the seeds. I will have hundreds. Who knows where I might be come springtime but where ever that is I plan on planting a whole lot of morning glories. I’ve always held fantasies of doing a huge mass planting of morning glories; to cover the entire side of a building or something. Perhaps next year I will be able to cross that off my bucket list.

I am thinking of making a big pot of green chile stew for the weekend. It’s cloudy, cool and drizzly today; perfect stew cooking weather. It’s going to be an exhausting weekend so I won’t have much time for cooking. It will be nice to just put that pot of stew back on the stove to warm up. Know what I mean?

Anyway, Day 10 is quickly coming to a close. Overall, I have to say that it has been an okey-dokey day. It turned out that it was not nearly as exhausting as I thought it might be.

Nine more to go.

Will I look back at this and laugh? Will I be having so much fun and adventure and excitement and not…



White Feather