Comfort and Joy

Change is not a spectator sport

When change happens the difficulty of that change is directly related to the amount of resistance we put up against it. Change is feared because it represents the unknown. Change is feared because it pulls us out of our comfort zones. We hold onto the status quo for dear life. That is where we feel safe.

How can one learn to feel safe amidst change? How can one find excitement in the unknown? How can we open up to allow change to flow through us?

It’s the same as opening up to allow the Source energy to flow through us. Part of the reason we are so closed off to our own Source energy is because that energy brings constant change.

How can we find comfort in change? If we can answer that question then we have got a major key to unlock an entire new spectrum of possibilities.

Change is like many other things we are not used to. To grow accustomed to it, it is a good idea to start with allowing a little bit of change with each new day, building up the change slowly with each new day. It is a lot like physical conditioning. It is not a good idea to enter the Olympics without having any training. The training slowly builds up our stamina and abilities. Our muscles need to be conditioned for an Olympic sport just as we need to condition ourselves to change.

But most of us do not care to win an Olympic medal. It is much more comfortable to sit in our Lazy-Boys and watch the Olympics on TV. But we cannot live our change through others. It is something we all must do for our own selves.

Try making it a habit to change a little something every single day. When this can become an easy and accepted part of each day it becomes easier. We can start with little things and work our way up to bigger things. We can work from one little change each day to one or more significant changes each day.

Can you imagine living in a state of constant change? It probably is not a pleasant thing to imagine. It probably seems utterly chaotic and uncomfortable. So it will eventually draw us to consider what it is that we consider to be comfort. Is comfort the lack of change? Is comfort the status quo? Why are comfort and change so seemingly diametrically opposed? Is it possible to find comfort in change? If so, what change will that require?

Can there be joy found in constant change? What is the difference between comfort and joy? What are the similarities? Is one more important than the other to you? Is comfort a compromise? Is it something we settle for in lieu of joy? Is it possible to experience joy without change? Does joy bring change? If so, what does comfort bring?

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist — https://whitefeather.substack.com/

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