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Car Alarms

Tech I don’t understand

Car alarms are annoying. If someone tried to steal my car, setting off the alarm, I would go out and hand them the keys so they they could take the car and stop that infernal noise.

But that’s just me.

Earlier today I looked out my window and noticed 3 kids walking down the sidewalk. As they passed a certain car the alarm went off. They didn’t even touch the car. They just walked past it.

The kids ran but not far. Turning to look back, the alarm stopped. They then walked back past the car and the alarm went off again. After the alarm stopped they walked past it again and again triggering the alarm 5 times before they got bored and left.

Later I took out the trash. Carrying my bag of trash I decided to walk past the same car. The alarm did not go off. Coming back from the dumpster I walked past it again without the alarm going off.

I fell into an existential crisis. I’m bigger than those kids. Heck, the bag of trash was bigger than them. Why did they set off the alarm and not me? Am I too old? Am I a phantom? Do I even exist?

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