At What Time of Day Were You Born?

Do you even know? Does it even matter?

A few decades ago (but not nearly a hundred years ago) I learned that the exact time of day one is born is a power time. It is the moment of the day when you have the utmost energy every day for the rest of your life.

I don’t remember if it was some new age guru or spiritual teacher or numerologist or some psychic who told me this. Maybe I read it somewhere. I do not know. But this information struck a chord in my noggin.

I learned or was told that if you are born in the morning you ended up being a morning person, if you were born in the afternoon you ended up an afternoon person, if you were born in the evening you ended up an evening person, and if you were born in the middle of the night you ended up a night owl.

Over subsequent years I have asked a lot of people if their most energetic time of day corresponded to the time of day at which they were born. I was curious how true this might be.

Most of the people I asked did not even know at what time of day they were born! How the hell could anyone not know or not want to know what time of day they were born? I mean, seriously! Is that not vital information?

According to my birth certificate I was born at 8:40 A.M. I do not know for sure how accurate that is. After all, how accurate are the doctors and nurses in the birthing room? They are more concerned with catching that baby when it squirts out of the birth canal. Looking at the clock may very well be an afterthought. And the mother giving birth surely is not concerned with looking at the clock.

So 8:40 A.M. is all I have to go on. Did the nurse who filled out the form round things off? Are all birth times rounded off to five minute increments? Was the black and white clock in the birthing room accurately calibrated to the correct time?

These are questions I cannot accurately answer having been a newborn infant at the time. So I must rely on the paperwork that resulted in my birth certificate. 8:40 A.M. it is. Luckily, my mother got a copy of the birth certificate before the hospital burned to the ground a few years later.

So when I heard/learned that the time of day at which we are born is our power time I first looked at my own history for confirmation. Sure enough, I was born in the morning and all my life I have always been a morning person.

When it comes to writing I can spend four hours writing in the early morning or four hours writing in the evening and I will always get at least twice as much done in the morning and the writing in the morning will always be significantly better than the writing in the evening. In the middle of the afternoon I just plain suck.

All my adult life I have always preferred morning sex to evening sex. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. I have always preferred sunrise to sunset. My meditation has always been a hundred times more intense and profound in the morning than in the evening.

I have always been a morning person!

I then looked at my daughter. She was born at exactly 6:30 in the evening. I know because I was there in the birthing room and I looked up at the clock on the wall at the exact moment she was born. She was an evening baby.

And the evening is her power time of day. In the morning you can ask her what 2 + 2 is and she would not have a clue. Ask her again in the evening and she suddenly becomes a genius, a savant, an artist, a performer. Once the sun goes down she comes alive! She thrives in the evening.

Her mother was also an evening baby and the same goes for her. When the sun goes down she transforms into a scary powerful goddess. In the early morning she is barely capable of putting her pants on.

(Was I the odd man out, or what?)

So does this cockamamie idea that our power time of day corresponded with the time of day at which we were born hold any water? According to myself, my ex-wife and our daughter, it does. But that is not very scientific, is it?

So over time I have asked a lot of people whether their time of birth correlated to the time of day they had the most energy. Like I said before, most of them had no earthly idea what time of day they were born. But of those who knew what time of day they were born, about 80% revealed that it did indeed correspond to the time of day they had the most energy and power. The other 20% said that their power time of day was directly opposite of the time of day at which they were born.

I admit that my inquiry into this matter was not even close to being scientific. I certainly kept no notes. But I started thinking that just maybe there was something to this cockamamie theory.

Of course, I could not come to any definite conclusion, especially since so many people had no idea what time of day they were born.

How the freaking hell could anyone not want to find out and know what time of day they were born? I mean, seriously!

I asked my mother a thousand questions about the nine months I lived in her belly, the event of my birth and the subsequent time after my birth that I simply could not remember on my own.

Way back then my mother was still fairly lucid and was surprisingly willing to share that information. My first question was where and when was I conceived and under what circumstances.

I learned that I was conceived in Ulm, West Germany. (It was WEST Germany then, not just Germany.) Luckily, I did not hear all the gory details of the conception but my mother did tell me that my father had been away on army maneuvers for a few weeks (this was soon after their honeymoon in the Swiss Alps). During that time she realized that she did not conceive on their honeymoon as she had hoped. She already had a son (my older brother) and she was hoping to conceive another child so that she could cement her marriage to an American G. I. and thus become further eligible for American citizenship.

So her husband came home for a quickie weekend before going back out on army maneuvers. It was during this hot weekend in Ulm, West Germany that I was conceived. I was slightly thrilled to learn that I was conceived in the very same town where Albert Einstein was born but that, of course. is mere trivia.

During the time I was living in my mother’s belly she moved a couple of times and then she found herself boarding an ocean liner with her son (my older brother) for a long sea voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to America. I have often wondered if this is why I have such a strong aversion to the ocean, to boats and to sea travel.

Six weeks before I was born my mother and my older brother arrived at Ellis Island. We traveled westward and six weeks later I was born on American soil in a place known as Kentucky. Technically, I became immediately eligible to run for President of the United States. My brother remains to this day ineligible to do so. This has been a delightfully humorous point of contention between my brother and me.

I kept asking questions of my mother concerning her pregnancy with me. She told me that during her entire pregnancy with me she had an insatiable craving for pickle juice. I have no earthly idea what the heck that means.

One of my most important questions that I asked my mother was whether or not I was breast-fed. Who the hell does not want to know if they were breast-fed when they were a baby? Seriously? That is very important!

My mother confided in me that of her four children I was the only one she breast-fed. I was so happy to hear that! Perhaps it may explain why my older brother and two younger sisters all have allergies and have had all manner of physical ailments in their youth while I have ZERO allergies and was healthy as an ox as a child. When my wife became pregnant with our daughter I emphatically insisted that she breast-feed. While my wife hated me for that, our daughter has ZERO allergies and was healthy as an ox during her childhood.

When I ask people whether or not they were breast-fed when they were babies they look at me as though I had crossed a line that no one should ever cross. Curiously, most of them don’t even know! I then ask them if they have allergies and their response to that usually coincides with whether or not they were breast-fed.

I learned that most people do not like to be asked questions about the nine months they spent in-utero or their birth or their first months in human form. Obviously, none of them remember and most of them never bothered to ask their mothers.

And most of them have no earthly idea what time of day they were born!

To me, that is an extraordinarily important question every human should ask and find answers to. Most all of us do not have memories of those very early days of our lives so we will never know unless we ask. Why would anyone not ask?

So I hereby ask all my readers. Does the time of day of your birth coincide with your power time of day? I am not conducting some scientific survey. Who the hell wants to do that? I am merely curious. Have you ever been curious about this?

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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