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Apparently, I Smell

And someone is okay with that

Have you ever had anyone tell you that you smell? It can be a little startling to hear that, am I right? The first thing you want to do is smell yourself to see what they are talking about but you can’t do that. You can smell other people but you can’t smell yourself. Maybe that’s because you are in that smell all the time so it doesn’t register.

Noses are funny things.

Last month when I was having Christmas merriment with my two granddaughters my oldest granddaughter was showing me the little table in her room where she keeps all her prized possessions. She opened up a little wooden box that I had once given her and inside was a little birthday present that I had given her for her birthday in November.

She explained, “I keep your present in this box so that it doesn’t lose its smell.”

“Can I smell it?” I smelled it but could not smell a thing, “I can’t smell anything.”

She put it to her nose and took a deep whiff, “Oh yeah, it definitely smells. It smells just like you, Grandpa.”

WTF?! I have a smell? I smell?

“Whenever I want to think of you I just get this out and smell it and it’s like you’re right here.”

Again, WTF?! I have a smell?

I became very alarmed. Certainly ‘my smell’ was not due to any cologne or after-shave. I never put those things on my body because they can alter my vibrations. I don’t even own any cologne or after-shave.

And she certainly was not smelling any kind of moisturizing hand lotion or anything like that. I don’t even own any moisturizing hand lotion. I live by the rule, Never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth and eat. That is why I refuse to wear sunscreen or use lotions or ointments or any kind of pharmaceutical chemical goops. I am proud to say that the skin on my hands is as soft as a baby’s butt but that is because I drink excessive amounts of water every day not because of any factory scented moisturizers.

Oh my God! Do I stink? Do I send people running for the hills with my odor?

And then it hit me. It must be my hair. I wash my hair with organic coconut oil shampoo. Maybe that’s what she’s smelling!

So I asked, “Do I smell like coconuts?”

She giggled, “Coconuts? You don’t smell like coconuts. Are you coconuts?” she giggled some more.

I was really confused, “So what do I smell like?”

My granddaughter shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. You just smell like you.”

Still confused, I suddenly realized that I had no idea what she smelled like. Back when she was a baby she smelled like a baby. But now that she is 9 I don’t recall ever catching any scents wafting from her. She did not seem to have any signature smell, “So can I smell you?”

“I guess.”

I put my nose near her neck and took a deep inhalation. I could not smell a thing! Maybe it’s time for me to take my nose in for a tune up.

“So what do I smell like Grandpa?”

I smiled, “You smell like an angel.”

Again she giggled.

Earthling — Lifelong novelist & essayist —

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