A Dinosaur in a Briefcase

Challenges of gift-giving

White Feather
2 min readJan 8, 2021
Photo by Fausto García on Unsplash

I was extraordinarily confident that no one else would give her the same present as I did. No, I was convinced that I was being at least somewhat original and creative about birthday gift-giving. Who the hell gives an eight-year-old girl a dinosaur in a briefcase?

Me, that is who. It was definitely not what she was expecting. She did not even know what it was, asking, “Is that a suitcase?”

“It could be if you want it to be. See, this is a magic briefcase. If you want it to be a suitcase all you have to do is put some clothes in it then take off on a pretend vacation to where ever you want. It’s that easy. You can also play lawyer with it or you can be a millionaire CEO having meetings with all the big shots. Or you can use the magic briefcase to put all your secret stuff in.”

“Secret stuff?”

“Yeah, you know; secret stuff. Then again, maybe you can just use the briefcase to carry your dinosaur in.”

“My dinosaur?”

“Yeah, open the magic briefcase.”

She opened it and out popped a large twenty-two inch high green rubber Tyrannosaurus Rex (which barely fits in the briefcase). No one had ever given her a dinosaur in a briefcase before. You should have seen her face.

Discloser: No wrapping paper was used in the making of this article.

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